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5 Parenting Tools That Will Make Your Daily Life Easier

Presented by
Jailan Heidar

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Here is What You'll Learn

You'll get simple & easy to use tools that will help you change how you communicate with your child

How to get through to your child

Understand some of your child's (mis)behavior

Encourage your child to cooperate in every day situations

Evidence based parenting tools that work!

Mutually respectful tools that also teach discipline and family values


About Jailan Heidar

Jailan Heidar, Parenting coach & founder of Early Years Parenting.

A mom of two little ones herself, a 5 and 2-year-old. Jailan has been working with families for over 10 years.

Jailan is a certified Positive Discipline Educator and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Child & Family Studies from Leiden University. She’s also a certified Early Childhood Educator by UCLA.

Jailan grew up in Egypt and has been living in Europe with her family for over a decade. She is currently living in Munich and offers parenting consultations both online and in-person as well as courses and workshops focused on giving parents tools to get through every day parenting struggles with more ease and build their relationship with their children.